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Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise – Human body is prone to encounter several health issues and diseases. With the changing lifestyle, high stress, and lack of sleep, the cases of kidney, liver, heart, and lungs problem have accelerated as well. Ayurvedic syrups are considered the best choice to treat and cure these diseases. Novolilly Pharmaceuticals is an ISO 9001:2008 certified pharma company that brings to you the Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise in the Indian market. The company delivers well-researched and non-toxic Ayurvedic solutions that have the tendency to treat and cure almost every health disease.

Novolilly Pharmaceuticals is one of India’s most advanced and professionally managed pharma companies that deal in multiple therapeutic segments. The company is well known to deliver result-oriented Ayurvedic solutions that are thoroughly tested and prepared after in-depth research, testing and trials. Today, we are recognized as the Top PCD Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Syrups in India for our strict quality supervision, hygienic product manufacturing, attractive packaging, ethical business deals, fair code of conduct, on-time product shipment, and much more.

Novollilly Pharmaceuticals has amazing business opportunities for all the pharma aspirants, medical representatives, distributors, and interested business seekers looking to start a business with Ayurvedic products. Working with us will allow you to establish your own business, generate scalable income, and target untouched areas across the country as well. For more details, you can call us at +91 9877716744, +91 9875986941, or send us an email at to know more.

Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise in the Indian Market

When it comes to distributing quality Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Franchise business, the name Novolilly Pharmaceuticals will always shine at the top. Research depicts that almost 70% of the households in India prefer using Ayurvedic syrups to keep themselves healthy and protect their bodies from issues like diabetes, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, weight loss, and much more. For such reasons, dealing with Ayurvedic Syrups is preferred as a brilliant business decision.

Novolilly Pharmaceuticals is the Top PCD Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Syrups in India that brings to you a 100% quality assured range of Ayurvedic syrups made with pure herbal extracts. The range available at Novolilly Pharmaceuticals is completely quality assured and prepared by adhering to international quality & safety standards.

Ayurvedic Syrup Range Presented by Novolilly Pharmaceuticals:

Brand Name



Novostone Syrup Lithotriptic & Alkalizer Syrup Used to treat kidney issues normalize urinary pH, remove stones, alleviate burning sensation, and flush out toxins from kidneys.
Tusnov Syrup Ayurvedic Cough Syrup (Sugar-free) Effective in relieving cough, removes mucus, eliminating burning sensation,
Novoplat Syrup Ayurvedic Platelet Syrup Increase platelet count, promotes nutrient absorption, make the immune system strong.
Feminov Syrup Herbal Uterine Syrup beneficial in menstrual irregularities, pre-menstrual cramps, abnormal uterine discharges, etc.
Novovital Syrup Ayurvedic Liver Tonic Syrup Keeps the liver healthy, keeps liver enzymes within the range, improves restoration of hepatic functioning, etc.

Novolilly Pharmaceuticals – Top PCD Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Syrups in India

Novolilly Pharmaceuticals is one of the most professional and well-established pharma companies to ever operate in the Indian market. The company is a trustable platform from where you will get a healthy Ayurvedic Syrup range, profitable business deals, and great franchise business support. The company is ISO certified and owns world-class manufacturing arrangements to prepare and deliver a mind-blowing product range to both its distributors and customers.

As the best in the business, we deliver the Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise with complete quality approvals and authorizations. From us, you will get exclusive business rights that will ensure no external interruption and sole ownership in your region. By working with us, you will get an opportunity to target a wider audience at your chosen location and secure assured returns.

Highlights of Novolily Pharmaceuticals:

  1. Spacious warehouses with proper ventilation for secured product storage.
  2. Large production facilities with in-built R&D centers.
  3. Wide Ayurvedic Syrup range with all quality approvals.
  4. Timely product delivery through a well-established logistics system.
  5. A team of experienced pharma experts and supervisors ensure proper operations.

Benefits of Working with Novolilly Pharmaceuticals for PCD Pharma Franchise

Apart from providing the Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise in the Indian market, working with Novolilly Pharmaceuticals will bring you a lot more. We are an experienced pharma organization that has witnessed tremendous business growth & expansion in the last few years due to its ethical business conduct and quest to deliver quality solutions. Due to the immense brand value and franchise business benefits, we have become the first choice PCD Pharma Franchise business in India.

Benefits of Working with the Top PCD Pharma Franchise for Ayurvedic Syrups:

  1. Attractive product packaging.
  2. Genuine business deals.
  3. Full quality assurance.
  4. Same-day product shipment.
  5. Great profit margins
  6. Pocket-friendly prices.
  7. Free of cost promotional tools.
  8. Full monopoly rights.

So, if you wish to start your own business and you want to avail the best business deals, then come and deal with the Best Ayurvedic Syrup For PCD Pharma Franchise offered by Novolilly Pharmaceuticals.

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